• Custom Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Bullseye Ring (price upon request)

  • Penny Preville 18-Karat Yellow Gold and Diamond Emerald Cut Earrings ($6,480)

  • Diamond Band Stack ($2,400-$17,000)

  • Penny Preville 18-Karat Yellow Gold and Diamond Emerald-Cut Necklace ($7,300)

  • Laura Pearce Ltd. Signature Collection Cuffs. From left: 18-Karat Yellow-Gold Beaded Bangle ($13,000) and 18-Karat Yellow-Gold Engravable Cuff ($10,800)

  • Penny Preville 18-Karat Yellow-Gold and Diamond Bangles ( $4,600-$7,570)

  • Custom Platinum 3-Karat Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring ($45,000)

  • Diamond and Sapphire Band Stack ($2,500-$16,000)

  • Laura Pearce Ltd. Signature Collection: the Cary 18-Karat Yellow Gold with 2.3-Karat Diamonds ($18,000)

  • Laura Pearce Ltd. Signature Collection 18-Karat Yellow Gold Personalized Pendant ($4,500) and 18-Karat Yellow-Gold Toggle Chain ($2,100)

Laura Pearce Ltd.

The South’s preeminent source for classic, engagement & bridal, antique, fine, and custom jewelry

Laura Pearce Ltd. offers the best in both design and craftsmanship, from classic bands to unique everyday pieces. The Atlanta-based shop also specializes in creating custom pieces, making engagement rings from scratch or redesigning existing jewelry to create one-of-a-kind personal treasures.

2300 Peachtree Road, Suite A103
Atlanta, GA 30309

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