• There’s more to explore in Norfolk than the 144 miles of majestic shoreline, as travel and food photographer Reema Desai uncovered on a recent trip for Garden & Gun. Scroll on and discover what’s brewing in the heart of the Virginia waterfront.

  • Mermaid Winery

    This winery has a great little patio, so find a seat outside if you can. The sparkling rosé pictured here is an absolute must.

  • Coelacanth Brewing

    This space is right down the street from Mermaid Winery and has a huge selection of brews to choose from. The stouts should definitely be on your list.

  • Handsome Biscuit

    There is often a line outside the door at Handsome Biscuit, and with good reason. This biscuit is the Stevie, which includes fried chicken, pickles, whole-grain mustard, and honey.

  • Pagoda and Oriental Garden

    The Pagoda and Oriental Garden is a wonderfully calm, tranquil space near the bustling waterfront in Freemason Harbor.

  • Luna Maya

    Stop at Luna Maya for a predinner cocktail and snack. The buzzy atmosphere makes for a great experience.

  • Press 626

    Snag a seat on the quaint front porch of Press 626, where you'll immediately feel welcomed by the friendly staff and comfortable setting.

  • Chrysler Museum of Art

    Block off at least an afternoon to explore the rich collection at the Chrysler Museum of Art.

  • Field Guide

    Field Guide is a great restaurant downtown serving up innovative dishes such as the Park Dog rice bowl, pictured here.

  • Supper Southern Morsels

    Stop by this new Southern-style restaurant in the heart of Ghent, a lively district in Norfolk with the best beer and wine around.

  • The Birch

    The Birch is a craft beer and artisanal cheese bar—the perfect spot to grab a beer and a grilled cheese after work.

  • Toast

    Toast is a lively restaurant that serves up the most creative toasts imaginable. Its menu changes often, and it's quite affordable. The colorful table coverings add a fun touch.

  • Doumar's

    Doumar's is an institution in Norfolk, and just about everyone recommended we visit. This is a classic chocolate cone, and it could not have been better.

  • Norfolk Botanical Garden

    The Norfolk Botanical Garden is located at the edge of the city and is absolutely sprawling. This would be a great place to bring a picnic and soak in the serenity.